Puppy Parents


AKA Sis Bear

Koa is an AKC registered full breed Bernese Mountain Dog. She has a wonderful pedigree- her mother comes from a great lineage, mostly from the famous Stokerybos Kennel in Belgium. Koa is a beautiful example of what a Berner should be. She is tall and lean with a big, blocky head and clear, vibrant markings. She has a thick shiny coat and a big Berner smile. Koa has a really fun personality. She is confident, energetic, playful and goofy. She loves people and wants to be a part of every adventure we go on. She is also fantastic with other dogs, especially puppies. She runs, rolls and wrestles with Olive for hours on end, always being gentle and patient with the rambunctious little one. She is going to be a great Mom. Koa is DNA tested and clear of all 200+ genetic diseases. She has also passed her OFA health clearances with good hips and normal elbows, eyes and heart.


AKA Stinker Binker

Willow is our big teddy bear. She is an AKC registered purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. She definitely has that old world look with a stocky, muscular build, a big head and a full, thick coat. Willow is definitely the lover of the bunch. She always wants to be around her people and sometimes forgets she weighs over 80 lbs and thinks she’s a lap dog. She loves to cuddle, chill next to us on the couch and tag along everywhere we go. She gets along well with other dogs, the goats and usually even the chickens. Even though she has a mellow personality, she is active and athletic and enjoys hiking, camping, playing with Koa and Olive, and being on the go with us. Willow is DNA tested and clear of all 200+ genetic diseases. She also cleared her OFA testing with good hips and normal elbows, eyes and heart.


AKA Olive Garden

Olive is our newest addition. She is also an AKC registered full Bernese Mountain Dog from great lines. Olive is growing like a weed and is going to be a big girl- at six months old, she is already almost as tall as Koa and Willow. She has beautiful markings, a long curly coat and big brown eyes. Olive is a cheerful, self-assured and curious puppy. She is always stoked about seeing and doing new things and meeting new people and puppies. Olive loves to play, especially with Koa- those two have some serious marathon wrestling matches. She is also in a bit of a sassy phase and likes to tease the old dogs and talk back when she’s told “no”. After going full-tilt all day, Olive loves curling up with her Mama and being pampered, groomed and occasionally dressed up.