About Us

We are the Johnson’s. We are a family that loves animals- especially dogs. Dogs enrich our lives. They make us laugh, comfort us on bad days, welcome us home enthusiastically every time we leave and, ultimately, love us- without hesitation or limits. We started Timbercrest Puppies because we believe everyone needs what dogs give.

We are lucky to call the mountains of Utah home. We live on several canyon acres surrounded by fresh air, nature and absolutely beautiful scenery. Our place is always bustling with activity and life. In addition to our wildlife neighbors, we have chickens, goats and of course dogs. It’s the perfect place to raise puppies in an exciting, stimulating and safe environment.

We are not a huge operation that relies on selling a large numbers of puppies. Instead, we rely on relationships. We want our clients to be lifelong partners. We want our dogs to live long, happy lives as part of your family and we care that each and every puppy we sell is thriving. We want satisfaction and word of mouth to bring us new puppy parents, not advertising campaigns. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to answer your questions, share our methods and be as transparent as possible about or company and our dogs so that you can be confident in bringing one of our puppies home.

Contact us by email at timbercrestpuppies@gmail.com, on instagram @timbercrestpuppies or through the contact form on our homepage.