Timbercrest Puppies

Our dogs are family and we strive to breed healthy and happy puppies that will bring joy and love to yours.

Timbercrest Puppy Application

Our Girls


Koa is the life of the party. She loves her people, is great with other dogs, and she is always up for an adventure. she’s a gorgeous girl with a big, blocky head and vibrant markings.


Willow is our big, mellow teddy bear. She is a beautiful Berner who loves to be with her family and will cuddle all day long.


Olive is the little sister of the bunch. She loves playing with the big dogs and is a happy, energetic puppy. After playing hard, she likes to curl up on her mama’s lap for a nap.

Why You’ll Love Us

We are a small hobby breeder whose mission is to raise healthy and happy puppies with wonderful temperaments. Our dogs are our family and we strive to bring up puppies that will be wonderful additions to yours. A few of the ways we ensure this are…

  • Fully health testing our parents
  • Vet checks and vaccinations
  • Health guarantee on all puppies
  • Puppy Education that includes…
    • Daily ENS exercises
    • Socialization
    • Play and exercise
    • Lots of handling and love!
    • And much more

Gotta love Berners!

Contact us anytime about our program, policies, parents or puppies.